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Agreement signed on May 20, 2019 for the search for private / public Italian accelerators and incubators, for the development of technological innovation start-ups, identification of start-up networks already launched for penetration of the UAE market

About in5-FZ LLC

In5 is an enabling platform for entrepreneurs and startups, fostering innovation and helping new ideas reach the marketplace. Launched by TECOM Group, in5 offers five key benefits, which comprise a robust business set-up framework, training and mentorship, networking, investment opportunities, and cutting-edge prototyping labs, studios and creative workspaces. In5’s three specialized innovation centers, tailored to Tech, Design and Media, provide aspiring students, entrepreneurs and startups with access to a community of creative minds, facilitating the constant exchange of knowledge and exposing members to best practices and latest thinking in running successful businesses. At In5, it is our mandate to help inventive companies grow locally, so they make a tangible difference globally, by providing an enabling environment across the full lifecycle of the business. © 2018 – 2021 All rights reserved